Can you give me some information about the Shemer medical team?
All our staff members are qualified. From nurses to doctors, we thoroughly check all applicants and ensure that our patients get the very best service only. Our patients are treated by the department heads or their senior staff only.
Can you provide some information about Israeli culture and languages spoken?
People came to our country from 86 different countries, bringing with them a wealthy mix of culture, languages and even cooking. We speak Hebrew and Arabic as our main languages, but English is spoken widely and many more languages are heard in our streets.
How do I know that the quality of your care is excellent?
Our continued success for over 20 years depends on our reputation for providing quality care at fair prices. As we work with the leading hospitals in Israel and are allowed chartering any physician of our choice. This means that our modular service allows us, case by case, to combine the most experienced physician and hospital as to ensure you will get the best possible treatment for your specific case. We also pride ourselves of patient feedback that helps us to assess our services all the time.
How many days after my medical procedure may I leave?
You can stay as long as you like! After treatment is completed, many patients opt to see our beautiful country. After all: the Bible was written here and in addition we offer a fantastic nature. Our official quote will include only the days needed for your treatment, but feel free to add some extra days for recuperation!
How many days prior to my medical procedure should I arrive in Israel?
This varies from patient to patient and will be mentioned in our recommendations. In most cases a day or the weekend before.
Is it safe to travel so far after a medical procedure?
Your travel plans will be dictated by your medical condition. We will always advise you of our recommendation on this subject and observe the time needed for recuperation.
What are your hospitals like? What is the standard of sanitation?
Our facilities are immaculate. Shemer Medical Center screens and inspects its partner hospitals as to ensure that they adhere to the accepted standards of cleanliness and service defined in North America and Europe. No waitlists and expert nurses will accompany you during your hospitalization. As one of our patients described it: “It was home. No, it was even better than home.”
What if my own doctor has concerns about me coming over to you?
Such a concern is to be expected and respected. We can arrange for your physician and you to actually ‘meet’ our medical team during a video conference call as we have the facility on our premises.
What if the procedure I seek is not on your website?
If you require a specific procedure that is not on our website, please contact us immediately so that we may assist you in your search. Through our network we can cover most of the known and many of the latest procedures. It is a company standard to always provide you with answers to your questions.
What price differences can I expect compared to, for example,North America and Europe?
The price of your total package, inclusive of the medical procedure, hospitalization, consultation fees, tests, medication, transportation and accommodation can be 30-60% lower that even just the procedure alone in North America and Europe. This means that at this kind of price you can include some vacation days in the Holy Country and still pay much less.
What services are included in my medical estimate?
Our offer will include all services offered, of which you may choose, of course: transportation, hotel accommodation, consultations, tests, medical procedures, hospitalization, and post-procedure consultation. Separate quotes are available for flights and upon request; tours around our country can be arranged.
When are payments due?
Prior to arriving to Israel there will be a prepayment to us. This will be monitored by the consular section of the Israeli Embassy that takes care of your visa application. Upon arrival, the main part of payment is requested and final payment is expected before release from the hospital.
Why are the price differences so significant?
The Israeli economy is very favorable when compared to the American or European economy. Also, Medical Malpractice is arranged different and much cheaper than in the mentioned areas, which is another saving. Salaries and expenses are much different too, allowing us to offer you top-of-the-line medical treatment at affordable prices.
Why Is Medical Tourism So Popular?
Since the days of the Romans people have traveled to seek medical treatment. We are witnessing that medical tourism is becoming more and more popular over the past few years.
Why are so many people traveling miles from home to get medical treatment? There are many reasons. The main answer would be that it is actually a better deal for many people. If planned carefully, medical tourism has many benefits to patients and because of that more and more people are willing to travel abroad to get treatments they could not get at home.
Perhaps one of the greatest factors in the popularity of medical tourism is cost. Treatment in many countries has reached very high levels due to bureaucracy and the cost of medical malpractice insurance amidst a sue-happy population. Even those with medical insurance can find themselves shouldering a hefty burden for medical costs that aren't covered by their plan. Medical tourism offers a solution for many, since costs of treatment in many countries are much lower of what they are in the United States and Europe. In some cases, even when insurance does cover treatment, traveling abroad for medical treatment is encouraged, especially for plans through employers who stand to benefit from the low-cost treatment as well.
Medical tourism has also seen a boom in popularity due to longer queues for treatments because of overworked and slow health systems. Many patients simply cannot wait months to get the operations they need. There is also no need anymore to relinquish quality of life just because the system cannot cope. Leaving the country allows you to fit in the treatment more quickly or more conveniently.
Patients with rare or specific medical conditions may be forced to travel because the kind of care and specialty they need simply isn't available back home. For these cases, quick turnaround and cost savings are simply the icing on the cake.
Medical tourism is also popular simply for the tourism aspect. Getting away from the stresses of home and work can be a much better and more relaxing way to recover from an operation. Many people find it more convenient to combine these two, and companies specializing in medical tourism packages have made it easier than ever to do so. It goes without saying that the combination of these two find in Israel a perfect partner.
Why should I go to Israel for medical care?
Israel is internationally recognized as one of the leaders in the global medical field. Our doctors enjoy international acclaim for innovation and discoveries in the medical sciences. From all corners of the world patients are coming here as Israel offers the highest level of Western medicine.