Psychiatry Treatment In Israel

Several psychiatric hospitals function in Israel, along with outpatient facilities, half-house hostels, and psychological rehabilitation clinics. They are dedicated to one mission - improving the health and quality of life of people suffering from all sorts of psychiatric distresses and/or disturbances, by pulling together all the available resources and professionalism.
The hospitals include forensic psychiatry maximum security centers, specializing in treatment of violence, and rehabilitation of patients before their discharge to the community. There is much emphasis on new drugs and follow up using Tele-psychiatry.

The centers provide hospitalization, ambulatory and hostel services, and also include emergency rooms. The departments are for acute hospitalized patients, psycho-geriatric patients, treatment-resistant patients and prolonged stay. Over three hundred beds are provided for holocaust survivors.

Several departments and outpatient clinics provide all services to Arab patients, specializing in their cultural characteristics and special needs. All these are carried out in spoken Arabic, by trained practitioners and supporting staff.

The acute wards provide a range of treatments for acute emotional and or psychotic conditions.

Special Units:

 Eating disorders – anorexia & bulimia – mainly adolescents
 Pediatric psychiatric clinics
 Obsessive-compulsive disorder center
 Communication disorders and learning disabilities assessments and treatments
 On demand courts' evaluations & reporting
 Occupational therapy units for maximum security patients
 Group therapy & discussions
 Family counseling and participation in the treatment process
 Occupational therapy e.g. carpentry, gardening, crafts etc.
 Departments for resistant patients
 Maximum Security Units
 Maximum Security Rehabilitation

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