SHEMER - Committed to Providing the Best Medical Treatment in Israel

Come benefit from the best medical care and services Israel has to offer
Located in Haifa, Israel, SHEMER Medical Center has more than 20 years experience in offering first-class medical services to patients from all over the world. Our medical treatment plans are uniquely tailored on a patient-to-patient basis, by combining the best-suited specialist physicians with the leading state-of-the-art facilities for the specific procedure indicated.
Amongst the Highest Medical Standards in the World
Israel's medical facilities are recognized throughout the world as leaders in the science of medicine and quality of medical care and services provided. The SHEMER group has been involved and connected with the leading hospitals in Israel for many years.
Immediate Access to Treatment
Our patients are our first priority! Shemer's patients never have to wait on any lengthy waiting lists, preventing further uneasiness, discomfort and additional health risks. Since we plan every patient's treatment individually, we devote our efforts to make sure that they receive the highest quality treatment at the earliest possible opportunity.
Personalized Assistance and Support
Our patients are never alone – each and every one of our patients and their family member can relax, knowing that a personal medical associate, fluent in their mother tongue, accompanies them throughout the each step of their stay. The personal medical associate organizes even the most specific details, ensuring that the patient feels comfortable and as much at home as possible.