Rehabilitation In Israel

Patients in need of physical and cognitive rehabilitation demand the highest degree of medical excellence, as much as encouragement, confidence and psychological support. Rehabilitation Centers' personnel all over Israel strive to restore their patients' hope, and to turn this hope into reality.
The declared goal of this profession is to help each patient to restore the maximum of lost abilities - physically, mentally and emotionally. The greater achievement for the functionally disabled is to live their lives as independent as possible.

 Rehabilitation (inpatients): patients in need of rehabilitation following neurological, orthopedic, rheumatologic, neuromuscular (MS, ALS etc.) and Parkinson’s disorders, are treated. Individual treatment plans are designed, including: physical, occupational and speech therapy, hydrotherapy, sexual rehabilitation, psychological therapy, psychiatry and neuro-psychology,
 Day care rehab units
 Respiratory intensive care rehab
 Education day rehab center
 Traumatic brain injury department -  with a vast experience in the specific type of rehabilitation needed for these patients
 Orthopedic Rehabilitation: dealing with the many problems involved with prosthetic rehabilitation of amputee patients, joint replacement, etc.
 Spinal Cord Injury: the care and rehabilitation of people with spinal cord lesions. A comprehensive care and rehabilitation program, starting at the sub-acute stage, with much emphasis on the prevention and care of the complications of spinal cord lesions, and training for the achievement of the optimal functional performance.
 Chronic back disabilities are dealt with by a multidisciplinary approach, and include functional assessment by observation; online titration of medications; performance encouraging environment; training for the achievement of the optimal functional performance.
 Several departments deal with post-stroke and post-neurosurgery patients and are involved with functional-neuro-imaging and functional-neuro-physiological correlations, as well as with advanced research into the neglect syndrome and functional assessment scales at an international level.

Clinical Services

 ORTHOSCAN – radiation-free mapping of spinal deformities
 Feeding clinic
 Back (including scoliosis)
 Neuromuscular diseases
 Inborn and acquires brain damage, including CP
 Psychosocial unit
 Physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy
 Hydrotherapy, including babies swimming training

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