Plastic Surgery In Israel

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons deal with the reconstruction of congenital malformations, excision and reconstructions of skin tumors and burns scarring, skin grafts, repair of hypertrophic and keloidal scars, breast reconstruction following mastectomy, and avulsion injuries.

Craniofacial malformations: harelip, cleft palate, ear deformities
Tumors: basal cell carcinomas and malignant melanomas

Aesthetic Surgery

This profession specializes in aesthetic treatment of body defects in order to improve the patients’ look and image, aimed to achieve a better quality of life. Well renowned and experienced in the various fields of plastic surgery, the teams assure their patients the safest and most professional environment for every treatment. The multidisciplinary staffs consist of skilled professionals who are devoted to learning and understanding the personal and psychological needs of each patient. Advanced state-of-the-art equipment facilitates a safe environment, and guarantees the best innovative medical care which meets and exceeds international standards.

Hand and Micro-vascular Surgery

Problems involving structures in the upper extremities, including: bones, joints, muscles, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and skin, are diagnosed and treated by specialists of great knowledge and experience. These surgeons are trained to perform all macro and micro procedures indicated, in order to restore vascularization, involving the sensory and motor function of compromised hands, as much as possible.

Our teams use the most advanced surgical techniques available in the world to treat:

Fractures of the wrist (e.g. distal radius and scaphoid) using specialized metallic plates, screws and pins
Reconstruction of mal or non-union past fractures, using Allogeneic bone graft
Nerve and tendon injuries
Congenital (birth) deformities, for example: syn and poly-dactyly, brachy and macro-dactyly, Apert's syndrome, and more
Degenerative changes of the cartilage and bone in the joints due to chronic degenerative diseases (e.g. arthritis).
Massive trauma – reimplantation of amputated fingers by repairing the fractured bone, fixing the lacerated nerves and tendons, and reconnecting the arteries and veins

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