Pediatric Orthopedics Treatment In Israel

The growth process characterizes infants, children and adolescents differentiates them from adults. Whether treating congenital, developmental or injury related problems in children, the constant change in structure and size of the skeletal system and muscles requires special attention; often significantly different from adult orthopedic problems. This is why most elective procedures are performed in pediatric care facilities, with specially trained staff.

The areas of activity include:

 Treatment of fractures and various pediatric injuries.
 Congenital defects of the skeletal system.
 Bone and joint diseases e.g. tumors and inflammations.

The most prevalent procedures are:
 Correcting congenital dislocation of the hip joint using ultrasound follow-up.
 Treatment of club-foot, a prevalent defect in children's feet. The Ponseti Method is used, significantly minimizing the need to perform complex surgical procedures
 Lengthening of limbs, using an external ring fixation device known as the Illizarov apparatus. This method provides a solution to some of the most complex pediatric orthopedic problems that in the past required amputations or bracing.
 Repair of distortions following fractures.
 Bacterial infections and other inflammations.

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