Orthopedic Oncology In Israel

The Israeli National Department of Orthopedic-Oncology treats patients suffering from tumors and tumor like conditions, in the skeletal system (bones and joints), and soft tissues of the Pelvis, shoulders, spine, thoracic and abdominal walls, and, in some cases, head and neck. These diseases include malignant and benign primary tumors, malignant secondary tumors (metastasis) and pseudotumor conditions requiring intensive surgery even in non-malignant cases, such as life-threatening infections.
The main goal of this profession is to focus on limb-preserving surgery, and to prevent the need for limb amputation. In order to achieve this goal, the medical staff uses various types of artificial implants and bone, or a combination of the two.
A particular problem exists with children, needing ensured continued growth, and prevented future difference in the length of the limbs. Special implants, able to extend, have been built extending by remote control via a magnetic / electric field. 20% of patients are indeed children, and they are hospitalized in a nearby children facility.
Main Services


Several multidisciplinary follow-up clinics operate from within the Department of Orthopedic-Oncology: Follow-Up Clinic for Adults, Follow-Up Clinic for Children, joint clinics with Adult Oncology, Micro-Surgery, Pediatric Orthopedics, Surgery of Peripheral Nerves, Spine Surgery and a Clinic for Neuropathic Pain.
Primary clinics treat new patients or patients suffering from complications. These clinics work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Waiting time is between one and three days.
Needle Aspiration Biopsies are conducted under CT or ultrasound guidance.

Surgical Experience:

All types of surgery are performed in the department: limb-preserving, amputations, use of implants and reconstruction of blood vessels and nerves. The Clinic also uses specific techniques, such as: injecting radioactive substances (Y-90) and freezing (Cryosurgery).
Secondary tumors' (metastases) treatments: the management of bone metastases is aims to help cancer patients with bone metastases from all types of cancer and require surgical intervention. The most common indications for surgery are pathological fractures, impending fractures due to considerable bone destruction, and intractable pain that could not be alleviated by other medical treatments. The treatments involve a highly skilled and experienced multidisciplinary medical team that conducts a comprehensive preoperative evaluation of medical and oncological status, function, and pain control. Patients are treated with advanced limb-sparing surgical techniques allowing resection of the tumor and reconstruction of the operated extremity preserving the function. Postoperative rehabilitation is conducted by highly-trained team of physical and occupational therapists.
Main Services

 Clinic for Evaluation and Follow-up
 Pain Management
 Angiographic Treatment of Metastases

Innovative Methods

 Replacement of infected sections of bone with modular and extendable implants
 Microsurgical methods of reconstructing missing sections of bone and soft tissue using free vascular bone grafts or free vascular soft tissues
 Reconstruction and release of peripheral nerves after the removal of tumors
 Custom made and modular implants to replace large bone and joint defects including non invasive expandable implants for young and growing children
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