Orthopedic Oncology Treatments in Israel

Patient Testemonial:


Shemer Medical Center treats patients with tumors and tumor-like conditions (oncological and non-oncological) of the skeletal system (bones and joints) and soft tissues in limbs, the pelvis, shoulders, spine, thoracic and abdominal walls, and, in some cases, head and neck.

We also offer essential services for:
 Metastatic bone disease
 Pediatric orthopedic oncology

Main goal: limb preservation:

The main goal is to preserve limbs—to prevent the need for amputation. In order to achieve this goal, the medical staff uses various artificial implants and bone tissue grafts, or a combination of the two. Average limb preservation success is in the range of 90% – 95%.

Diseases treated include:

 Malignant and benign primary tumors
 Malignant secondary tumors (metastases)
 Pseudo-tumor conditions requiring intensive surgery, even in non-malignant cases, such as life-threatening infections

Specialty procedures:

Among the specialty procedures performed by the expert orthopedic oncologists are:
 Cryosurgery for bone tumors
 Implantation of non-invasive expandable prosthesis – for uniform bone growth in children
 Free flap/microvascular surgery – free-tissue transfer for reconstruction of complex tissue conditions

Multidisciplinary treatment

The Orthopedic Oncology professionals team is multidisciplinary, offering a comprehensive approach throughout the patient’s treatment, follow-up, and recovery—to optimize therapeutic outcomes. Patients undergoing additional treatment, such as chemotherapy, are hospitalized in the location that best suits their medical condition.
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