Dermatology Treatment In Israel

Israeli Dermatologists serve in a number of specific clinics and laboratories, some involved in pure scientific research, others combining research with clinical services to adults and children.

Contact Dermatitis:

Patch tests are performed for the diagnosis and choice of treatments for patients with contact dermatitis and occupational dermatoses. Researches of metal sensitivity, cosmetic allergy and diagnostic methods of occupational skin diseases are conducted.

In addition to the natural treatments available in the DEAD SEA resorts, which are world famous and unique, Israeli medical centers provide advanced Psoriasis' treatments. Different special creams and ointments and also phototherapy: PUVA, Narrow B and UVB.
Phototherapy Clinics:

Phototherapy of different children's hair diseases by UV-B, PUVA and Photodynamic (PDT) radiations are available.
Ulcers Clinics:

Specializing outpatient clinics provide treatment services for various skin ulcer types. Some are unique treatments like: Maggot Biotherapy and Vacuum therapy. Israeli Dermatologists are involved in studies in both classic and new wound healing modalities.
MOH's Micrographic Surgery:

MOH's Surgery is a special technique used in cases of complicates basal and squamous cell carcinoma, and Bowen’s disease.

Is a specialty designated for the diagnosis and treatment of malignant skin tumors e.g. melanoma, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and others. Specialists of this field are involved in studies on new melanoma treatment modalities like melanoma vaccination.
Pigmented moles Clinics:

A unique computerized follow-up of atypical moles in patients with dysplastic moles, personal and/or familial history of melanoma, has proven itself as the best available measure controlling tumors' recurrence and metastatic spread.
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