Check-Up Examinations in Israel

Shemer Medical Center performs a comprehensive medical check-up examination; the purpose of this exam is to detect diseases in the early stages of development and to reveal hidden forms of diseases. Early detection of a disease increases the probability of a successful treatment.

An experienced team of doctors along with the paramedical personnel completes a series of examinations, checking all of the major organ systems of the patient. The check-up takes approximately 3 hours and is performed in a calm and quiet environment with the assistance of English-speaking personnel.

The check-up includes:
  1. Filling out a detailed medical questionnaire in order to document a patient's prior medical history
  2. A comprehensive medical examination
  3. Clinical Laboratory Assays – Urine analysis and blood analysis (more than 20 parameters)
  4. Arterial blood pressure.
  5. Stress ECG - Ergometry.
  6. Pulmonary function test - Spirometry
  7. Hearing tests - Audiometry
  8. Height and Weight.
  9. Eye tests including acuity of vision, colored vision, and intra ocular pressure are performed.
  10. A Chest X-ray.
  11. A concluding consultation, explaining the test results, is arranged with an English-speaking physician
Additional tests for women:
  1. Mammography.
  2. Gynecological consultation, cervical smear.
  3. Bone Densitometry.
Additional tests for women:
  1. Screening tests administration to detect oncologic markers (five markers) – early diagnostics test.
  2. Cardiac tests, including cardiac CT
  3. An overall examination of immune system
  4. Test which detects allergens, latent alimentary allergy, contact allergy and other types of allergies are available.
  5. Specialist's consultations and examination of reproduction system by sexopathologist are available.
  6. Endocrine system examination: presence of occult diabetes, obesity, metabolic dysfunctions.
  7. Full genetic testing is available to detect genes, responsible for inheritable immune diseases, including mucoviscidosis (fibrocystic disease of pancreas), retardation, Fragile X-chromosome syndrome, Gosh disease, breast and ovarian cancer.
In case any type of pathology is detected in the comprehensive medical examination, there is a specialist available for all of your medical needs.

If a patient requests a consultation it will be performed at the same day, without delay.
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